How to use the site

Consciousness Rising is a free information site which sets out methods that will undo the desensitising factors of the material world we live in. The site contains instruction on how to put yourself back into your body - how to become sensitised and conscious, to ‘wake up’, and start to take responsibility for our well-being and the well-being of our environment.

Because we are all individual and unique, the site avoids dogma and rules. We all work in our own way, so pick out what you are drawn to and work with it. The site is easy to use with quick reference sections, methods, techniques, advice and tips. These are starting positions and will develop for you, as you start raising your consciousness.


I refer to guides, helpers, and tools of divination collectively as, ‘the management’: an inclusive term for the forces and entities which raising your consciousness puts you in touch with. I have  done this so as to include all forms and manifestations, there are no words which can really touch the entities and helpers we experience so I don’t want to get hung up on language. It’s the concepts that matter. I expect that we all experience the manifestations of spiritual energy in our own cultural context. The problems between warring religions, in my mind, are more about difference in language than difference in essence. Part of the current phase of evolution for humanity, is to form your own connection with ‘the management’, casting aside the need for words, throwing off the need for a middle man: priest, rabbi, imam. Get yourself plugged directly in to source, find your own language, experience things for yourself and the middleman is no longer required.

I have purposely avoided huge amounts of repetition with information I know is already out there. So if you come across a word or phrase you aren’t familiar with, please google it. That way I can get on with sharing what I don’t think is commonly known. The information is not new, in fact its millennia’s old, but the attitude and angle is refreshing.

‘Go beyond reason to love.

It is safe.

It is the only safety.’

T. Golas




About Me

I had a violent spiritual awakening in 1987 at the age of 18. I was five and a half thousand miles away from home, in India, completely unprepared and completely alone. I underwent what can only be described as a baptism of fire, a sudden and violent kundalini, (an awakening of the spiritual energies). It was a terrifying and traumatic process, yet it was other-worldly and amazing too. I experienced a ‘shamanic death’, which almost killed me. I came home to England spiritually awake and changed, only to find the rest of the world had remained the same. I almost lost my mind.

For the next ten years I was completely clueless as to what to do with all the energies I felt inside me, or the knowledge that had been imparted to me. It was like I had been given a car, full of fuel, which I could start up and rev ferociously, but was unable to drive. No-one had shown me how to use the clutch, I had no clue how to propel myself along. I had no idea how to drive the machine I had been given.

During that decade, I experienced numinous occurrences which I didn’t really understand, and at the same time, became very ill.  When the medical profession could offer me no solutions, in desperation, I turned to healers. Eventually, after two years of searching, of trying Chinese medicine, shiatsu, psychic surgery and hands on healing, (all of which improved my condition, but none of which completely cured me), I found a Rune master. After one session with him, I experienced a miraculous healing and my condition completely disappeared. After my session, he told me that the Runes wanted to work with me, and he took me under his wing. He instructed me in the use of the Runes as a series of vibrational keys which unlock the energy systems. The Runes then spoke to me and showed me the ways ‘in’, they taught me how to heal the human body. From then on, I found I was able to work with any number of spiritual tools to help and heal others.

From that time to this, I have been healing people and animals, situations and places. I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and now make it my business to share this knowledge. The world is beginning to awaken and we need all the help we can get.

Consciousness Rising #Mind your Head, has grown from the scrapbook of my own spiritual journey, the contents of my diaries and journals. I’ve set up this site is because I wished there had been something like this when I started out on my sprirtual journey in 1987. Sharing my many states of spiritual learning, how I work and the ways in which the management speak to me, will I hope, offer you encouragement and practical support.