& Meditation

At the core of consciousness work is meditation and it’s essential that you master this. I hear some of you groan at that, because you’ve tried meditating and found it hard. Most people tell me that they can’t ‘still’ their minds to reach the stage of blissful emptiness that meditation allegedly achieves. Well, I’m going to turn that idea of meditation on its head.

My experience of meditation is far from empty. I practice something which I call, ‘experiential meditation’, this is my own term for my practice. I coined it because I found that I had experiences when I was meditating; that reaching a blissed out emptiness happened occasionally as part of my experience, but was not what it was all about.

Let’s just accept that we are not going to switch off the internal chatter of the mind, and in accepting that, let’s allow the mind to ramble on. Instead of getting het-up about it, watch it happen, let the thoughts come and go. Help the mind  by giving it something else to focus on, something useful to the meditative experience that will distract the internal dialogue.

That something is the breath.

Breathing consciously does two things; it slows down the heart rate and pulse, putting the physical body into a relaxed state, (key to meditation). Energetically it encourages the life force to fill the body, assisting any vibrational shifts, helping to raise the consciousness. Breathing and meditation go hand in hand.

Most of us shallow breathe, using only the top section of the lungs. This type of breathing is adequate in terms of oxygenating the blood. But when we breathe consciously, we deepen the breath using the entire lung capacity. You can focus on breathing smoothly and deeply, taking the breath right down into the body. You can visualise the lungs filling like a balloon, then emptying, shrivelling up and collapsing until they look like a shelled walnut. You can also try counting. I found this very helpful at the beginning, counting to 7 on an in breath, holding for the count of one and then releasing over a count of 7, for example. Counting gives the mind something to do too, which stops it from wandering. You can google breathing techniques, and try a few, find something that works for you.

Once you’ve mastered the breath and start to enter into a meditative space, you can begin to clear yourself, raising your vibration and entering into dialogue with the vibrations you encounter. Meditation will raise your vibration, it's the vehicle of communication with your consciousness and the forces that run this universe. That’s why it’s worth putting the time in.

If you really struggle with meditation, see the section on Shamanism. You may prefer to learn to journey shamanically.