I didn’t appreciate the power of working with crystals until fairly recently. I had a vague interest, I'd collected pieces of amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz, and knew enough to grab the right crystal at the right time and have it with me. But I didn’t attempt to work any deeper than that. Then a couple of years ago, people started giving me crystals, pieces all shapes and sizes started to gravitate towards me and I thought, ‘Well, these crystals are coming into my life for a reason. May be I should look a little deeper in to this?’. So, I picked a piece of crystal, I got myself into a meditative state and started to talk to the crystal. I was amazed at how the crystal immediately communicated with me, it was as if it had been waiting for me to start talking. I get pictures mostly, sometimes a crystal takes me off somewhere and gives me a healing experience, sometimes I just get feelings, colours, a word or a sentence.


Now, when I get a new crystal, before I google its properties, I meditate with it. I write down everything I see, feel, hear and sense, a bit like a mind-map. It gives me a chance to form a connection with the piece. Only after I’ve done this will I look it up and see what it does. I encourage you to do the same.

Earlier this year, I had a very profound healing from a tiny piece of smoky quartz, so don’t feel you have to buy massive, expensive chunks. Choose pieces which you're drawn to,  pieces that ‘twinkle’ at you. Go with your gut.


When you get the crystal home. Cleanse it. Wash it in sea salt water, ( I take mine to the beach and wash them in sea water). You can smudge them with white sage, or you can bury them in the earth for a while. When you have cleansed cleansed the crystal, do an introductory meditation and  mind-map. 


If you’re going to work with a crystal on a specific issue, program the crystal. Do this by holding the piece up to the third eye chakra and think of the issue/question, then literally push the thought from your mind, into the crystal. 

When you’ve finished working with a crystal, (and often I will work with a piece for a while), it’s good to let it recharge. You can do this by putting your crystals out on a full moon, (or on the window sill inside), you can also put them out in the sun, (although check this is ok for your crystal - amethyst doesn’t like direct light and will fade), or you can bury them in the earth for a few days.

As with all our tools and helpers, we need to start the dialogue and ask for what we want. Don’t be shy, these beautiful, ancient treasures, from deep within the earth are there to help. They are filled with wisdom, and are just waiting to work with us.