Science and Mysticism 


‘Veritas vos liberabit’ – ‘The truth will set you free’


When science and mysticism marry, we will as a species, make a huge leap forward. 

I think this is already beginning to happen, because we now have the technologies which allow us to investigate realms beyond our everyday. Take for example quantum physics which govern the world at an atomic level. The physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, conducted various experiments during the late 1970’s the results of which appeared to demonstrate that an atom could choose whether it wished to be a particle or a wave. 

Furthermore, some 30 years later, experiments carried out on a single atom by Truscott, (at the Australian National University), showed that the atom behaved differently when observed, as opposed to when it was not. The discovery that atoms behave differently when observed raises interesting questions about the very fabric of  the universe. 


As Truscott put it, 

‘It proves that measurement is everything. At the quantum level, reality doesn’t exist if you are not looking at it.’

It strikes me that the further science is able to explore, the more baffling the results seem when looked at without an element of mysticism. I take the atom experiment as ‘proof’, (humans love proof), that thoughts are energy, and can therefore affect the material at an atomic level. But having worked as a healer for the last twenty years, I think I’ve had more than enough evidence of this aspect of energy and matter. I don’t need proof, but I do like that scientists are finally coming round the idea that there is something bigger than us, something we understand very little about. We must keep our minds open. We are getting little peeps of a grand design beyond our realms of understanding.

Quantum physics open up whole new concepts of what is possible, altering the way we see our version of reality and the world we live in. We are really on the edge of this, but it suggest that there are vast areas of our reality that we are totally unaware of. To begin to touch the edges of this is very exciting.

Humanity keeps looking for the answers, 'out there', in space, and to a certain extent there are answers out there. But there are also enormous realms to discover inside. In us, in our own consciousness. If we can marry together the vastness and beauty of our material universe with the vastness and beauty of our inner self, we will expand tenfold. Thus, our understanding of life here on earth will expand too.