There are many spiritual tools we can use to raise our consciousness. We can collect these tools and create a toolkit. Our toolkit becomes a source of learning and helps us to put into action what we know. My toolkit contains all the useful things I’ve gathered so far that help me with my spiritual growth, my own healing and my ability to help and heal others. Your tool kit will look very different to mine, you may be drawn to angel cards, dowsing or paganism. But that doesn’t matter, our tool kits are unique to us.

The first tools that I put in to my toolkit were meditation and breathing, (of course). Next, I put my journals and diaries in there. My toolkit stepped up a notch when I started working with Runes, all 24 of them went in there, (my first power tools). Since then I’ve added my Shamanic tools, drums and rattles, my power animals and my ability to journey. I also have my guides, my crystals and my dreams. I’ve studied the Metamorphic Technique and astrology, so I’ve popped them in there too. These are all the tools available to me, and it’s for me to decide which fits the job I have in hand. Sometimes my tools want to work in tandem, so I’ll do a shamanic journey but take a few Runes with me. Or I’ll have a dream which instructs me on how to use a certain piece of crystal. The important thing is to find out which tools you enjoy using and get them working for you. 

Bear in mind that our tools often find us: I had never thought of working with Runes until they crossed my path, it felt like they had sought me out, and yet they have been at the very core of my toolkit. Notice what you are drawn to, and equally what is drawn to you. You may also find that a tool that initially did nothing for you, kicks in and starts to working for you. This is because as you raise your consciousness you are able to access finer forms of metaphysical energy, and the options contained in your toolkit will keep growing.