We all have an aura, an energy body which emanates from us. It is as much us, as our physical body is. The aura is in constant flux, depending on state of mind, mood and general health. It goes beyond the physical body and shows itself as an energy field. The body can be healed through the auric field. By clearing the aura, energy flows correctly and the body fixes itself. You can train yourself to feel your aura and sense other people’s.

It’s quite easy to train the eye to see the auric field too. Some people can see the colours of the auras, reading the colours of the aura indicates the mood and general state of the person. We all feel each other’s auras on a subconscious level. 

If you want to teach yourself to see auras, start with a plant rather than a person. Take a healthy pot plant and position it in front of a plain, black background. Then sit a couple of metres away from the plant and stare at it. You will need to shift your focus by taking your gaze slightly to one side and behind the plant, concentrate on the background. You should see second outline to the plant, coming out a centimetre or so. 

I started to see auras quite by accident when I was at primary school. I would drift off, daydreaming, whilst simultaneously staring at my teacher standing in front of the blackboard. I’d see a haze around them, like the air was thick and shimmering. I didn’t know that I was seeing my teacher’s aura. I’d entertain myself by doing this, I’d change my focus and watch it disappear and reappear. Eventually, I became good enough at it to see energy bodies without the need of a plain dark background. 

The Chakra System


We have seven chakras, or energy centres. These chakras are the junction boxes which connect all the subtle energy systems of the body. They give us access to the complex, metaphysical us. They are all rooted in the spine and radiate out through the front of the body. Below is a very brief outline of the chakra system. I have always worked through the chakras when carrying out healing, so this is just an overview of what I’ve picked up. The colours relate to the vibratory rate of each centre.

The base chakra is located at the tip of the spine, the coccyx. It is linked on a physical level with the feet, ankles, knees, thighs and large intestines. This energy centre connects us to the earth and has links with instinctive survival. It is associated with clan, family, tribal and group issues. It stores the energetic memories from 0-7 years, and therefore is an emotional centre for our preverbal existence, early experiences which may not be remembered consciously, but are stored in the cellular memory. The colour for this chakra is red.

The second Chakra sits between the hip bones, about ten centimetres below the naval. It governs the sacrum, the reproductive organs, the bladder, kidneys and hips. Emotionally this centre is naturally associated with our sexual self, our identification with gender and sexual expression, as well as procreation and our creativity. It's also the birth point of our inspirations, the root of our drives and urges, the need to be free to follow our individual path and feel fulfilled. I call this the centre for, ‘creating and relating’, because it touches on our relationships with others as well as our relationship with ourselves. I have found in healing this chakra that it is a powerhouse for inner growth and creativity, particularly in women. Its colour is orange.

The third chakra is located above the belly button, the solar plexus. On a physical level the digestive system, the liver, the spleen and the small intestine are all fed from this energy centre. The solar plexus chakra is our main battery: it's in the middle and feeds energy to the upper and lower centres. Its colour is yellow, like the sun, and is central to the nourishment of all. It's the seat of self-confidence, self-esteem, the way we perceive ourselves and perceive the way others see us. 

The fourth chakra is the heart centre, located in the centre of the chest. It physically affects the heart, lungs, arms and hands. Working on the heart centre brings about a capacity for true forgiveness; not only of others but of ourselves. It helps us learn to cultivate unconditional love. I have found that the lungs hold unexpressed grief, by clearing this chakra we can release past hurts, bitterness, resentment and depressed feelings. As we raise our consciousness we function more and more from the heart centre, we become more compassionate to ourselves and others. Its colour is green.

The fifth chakra is in the throat. It is key in the function of the throat, neck and shoulders. The centre also corresponds to the ‘will’, and our motivations, (that’s why speaking something out loud, helps to make it happen). A well-functioning will, makes for someone able to change their state of being mentally and emotionally. Disease stems from the will being broken or diminished, leaving pathways open for an illness to take hold of the psyche. It’s a gateway centre that is associated with communication, speaking, lecturing and teaching. Its colour is a turquoise blue.


The sixth chakra sits in between the eyebrows and slightly above. It’s nicknamed ‘the third eye’, because it relates to seeing, physically referring to the eyes and the two hemispheres of the brain, metaphysically referring to second-sight and psychic ability. It corresponds to our mental perceptions, our dreams and our processes of inner realisation. Its colour is a deep, dark blue.

The seventh chakra is located right on the top of the head, physically corresponding to the cerebral cortex of the brain. It is our spiritual connection to the rest of the universe, the ‘out there’ parts of us, (we have other energy centres which exist beyond our physical being). Just as the base chakra connects us to the earth so the crown chakra connects us to the heavens. Its colour is a violet white.


There is an eighth and ninth chakra that I’m aware of, these extend beyond us. The eighth chakra is about a foot above our heads, the ninth about the same distance again. I’ve come to believe that when we shift our consciousness, we are accessing the vibration and perceptions available through these centres outside of our physical bodies. I have no idea how many we have beyond that, a multitude I expect. 

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