Guides and Helpers

As you raise your consciousness, you'll become aware of being supported by guides and helpers. This may begin by signs and coincidences, a sense that you are being gently led in a certain direction. You may get hints in your dreams, and realise that you are not alone.

Becoming aware of our helpers is hugely helpful because then we can start communicating: asking for help, to be taught and enlightened. We need to listen hard for the answers, watch for the guidance.

If you have grasped the meditation tool, you will find you can communicate through your higher self whilst in meditation. You have successfully shifted your consciousness up to meet theirs. Most people want to know who their guides are and want to see them, this is the best way - meditate to meet them. Ask to see them. I find I’m often given a sense of a guide at first. I’ll see the edge of a robe, the colour of it and get a sense of the being who wears it. Eventually, I start to see their face and who they are.

I have found that guides come and go. They come in for a specific chunk of your life or for a specific job, and then move on when it’s done. But I also have a couple of guides who are with me for the duration of this incarnation. I call them my ‘keepers’, because they always keep an eye on me, and we are for keeps. One of my keepers is my power animal, helpers come in all forms.

When I was in my twenties, I had a Romany gypsy and a nun working with me. That sounds like a crazy combination, but I could see why it worked. At that time of my life I had a very private spiritual life, I was having lots of other-worldly experiences. I didn’t really have anyone around me that understood me, I thought if I spoke about what was happening to me I would be laughed at, so it was a spiritually solitary time. But I was also young and free, out and about, dancing wildly, partying, raving, (it was the 90’s), and going to festivals. I was as wild and free as a gypsy, I was spontaneous and fun loving, I felt deeply connected to the nature and the earth. Twenty years on, I see that those elements of myself, both the pure spiritual self, (the nun in me), and the free spirit in me, (the gypsy), were being helped by my guides of the time. They left me when those elements of myself had integrated enough to co-exist within me harmoniously, and it was time to work on something else.