For every drug on the market, there’s a herbal, homeopathic remedy available too. Unfortunately, the commercial pharmaceutical machine has brainwashed society into believing that modern medicines surpass the old natural remedies. But I encourage you all to try and work with natural remedies and herbal cures. They are gentler and kinder to the body. They work vibrationally rather than chemically.

I am not advocating that we turn our backs on modern medicine: one of my children has cerebral palsy, and I have always used a combination of both orthodox medical care and unorthodox treatments for him, this has really worked in getting the best out of his condition. He has had the benefit of surgery for example, alongside homeopathic treatments for the tissue repair post-op. The two can work very well in tandem.


What I am advocating is taking responsibility for our own bodies, thinking a little harder about how we treat illness.  In western society we have become lazy and when we are ill, we turn up at the doctors expecting to be given a course of pills to relieve our symptoms. But in doing this we're not taking responsibility for our own health. We're disconnecting from ourselves. We aren’t looking at the root cause, the reason we are sick or in pain. We are in fact expecting a chemical to heal an energetic block. I’m not suggesting that we don’t go to the doctor if we are ill. I am suggesting that if our energies are flowing well and we are meditating and feeling good inside, we won’t get sick. And if we are sick, we need to take responsibility for our physical body and treat it gently, without simply passing ourselves over to our GP’s, blindly.

Bach Flower Remedies, work well for emotional and behavioural problems. Homeopathic remedies for physical disease. Herbal remedies cover both. There are lots of books which will guide you on what to use, when. But I suggest that you also consult a professional, care needs to be taken. For example, Agnus Castus (Chaste berry), is a fantastic herb for a plethora of gynaecological problems, but should never be used when a woman is trying to conceive or is breast feeding. More complex attention is needed when treating depression with herbs. Many people jump to St. John’s Wort, as this is the most commonly known treatment. This would be fine for a low energy, lethargic depression, as it would pick the person up but, if it’s anxious jangly depression, St John’s Wort, would make the person feel more angst. Skull Cap, may be a better choice, as it has a vibration of calmness and centeredness. So, make sure you do your research.

As with any medicine for the body we must take herbal remedies as instructed, regularly. I often find those who say that a herbal remedy didn’t work for them, have taken it in fits and starts and missed doses. Just as an antibiotic wouldn’t work effectively unless you took every tablet and completed the course, a herbal remedy is the same. As they work by building a vibration in the body, it’s essential you take them regularly and give time for the vibration to build in the body. A natural remedy may take longer to kick in, but it will work in a kinder way to your system and be just as effective.

More than anything, I encourage you to work holistically with yourself because that way, you’re affecting the vibration of yourself and the planet. You are learning to listen to your body and treat it kindly, in harmony with nature. Simultaneously, you are helping the planet by turning away from a corporate pharmaceutical machine, which puts commercial gain above human life. It’s time to remove our support for the systems which are killing humanity and polluting the earth. This is part of living consciously.

‘…and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf there of for medicine.’

Ezekiel, 47:12


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