Sensitising yourself –

Reconnecting to the Subtle Self


We live in a fast world, packed full of external stimulation. We're constantly bombarded with information. We've become overly stimulated by that which is outside of ourselves, drowning out the gentle sensations within. In order to sensitise ourselves we need to go in to ourselves and remember how to listen to our internal feelings and sensations. In retraining our physical listening skills, we can pick up on our subtle bodies, our own prana or chi, our own vibration. 

Start by practicing the breathing techniques and meditation, so that you become fully relaxed and inside of yourself. Then listen to your body closely. Ask that you be able to feel your, ‘personal vibration’. 

Tune in and try to feel the following sensations:

  • A gentle pulsing which often starts in the solar plexus, (but can occur anywhere in the body).

  • Tingling, buzzing and fizzing sensations, particularly in the limbs and hands.

  • Gentle waves washing through the body, (these often feel like a rippling draft in the room).

  • An intense heat and/or cold to any part of the body. 

  • Seeing colours, geometric patterns and shapes.

All of these feelings may be very subtle at first, but keep listening out for them, they will get stronger and come to you more easily as you practice. All sensations are an indication that you’ve successfully shifted your consciousness. Nice work!

Working with Energies You Cannot See

If you want to raise your consciousness you're going to have to work with energies you can’t see. We are surrounded by unseen energy which we use every day without giving it a second thought. But working with the unseen energies of the body and soul, is seen as odd: the result of an overactive imagination. Wifi is a very good example of a completely unseen energy, we don’t question the existence of our internet connection because we see its effect. You will need to have the same attitude to your spiritual energy systems. You won’t see them with the naked eye, (well, some people do), but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there or that you can’t work with them. You will need to learn to feel and sense these energies.

To evolve spiritually we need to connect with metaphysical energy systems which exist within us. We have an intricate network of subtle energies which run through the body and out, reaching beyond our material form. 

If you have ever had acupuncture or reflexology, you will already have been introduced to the meridians of ‘chi’ or life-force that the Chinese medicinal system is based on. Similarly, the chakra system may be familiar to you. This system comes through the Indian, yogic tradition, and is based on seven centres which exist within the body. The life force energy in this system is called prana. The chakras spin like a wheel, (the word ‘chakra’ means wheel), and the energy is distributed throughout the physical body.


So the first thing to do in order to connect with your own metaphysical energy is to train yourself to feel this energy, and we can do this by sensitising ourselves.

‘There are always others,

 Will pontificate and vilify

 And pin down truth like

 A dead butterfly.’


Rumi - Mathnavi II, 2923