Protecting Yourself

It is really important to protect yourself before you start work. You can do this in any number of ways. You can use a protective essence and run it over your aura, (I use Aura-Soma or Petaltone). You can visualise yourself being cocooned in a bubble of light. You can smudge yourself with white sage. When I started out, I always put a protective rune in the north, east, south and west, above me and below me, as well as smudging myself, so that I was clear in my energy body before I started.These days I use Petaltone essences, which I run through my aura and burn in the room where I’m working. You will find what suits you.

When you are ready to start it’s good to say a few words out in to the room too. I usually say, ‘I call the benevolent forces in the universe and ask that they work with me for the highest good.’ Verbal protection and requests are powerful.

When you have got ‘in’ to the right space by breath work and meditation, ask for what you want:

  • ‘Introduce yourself to me’, works well with new concepts/new tools.

  • ‘I ask that you raise my vibration’, great when you start out because as your vibration rises you will start to feel the metaphysical energy in your body. You will start to sensitise.

  • ‘Show me how….?’ To heal, to learn, to become…

  • ‘Teach me…?

  • ‘Help me to see the lessons in…'

Then relax and let what comes in, come in. If your mind wanders off, (and it will), bring it back and repeat the request. When you’ve finished, write down anything you received.

It’s important to start this kind of communication, there’s no point lying there, in a meditative state, waiting for something to happen. This would be like calling someone up on the phone and staying silent once they answered. Be pro-active and start the ball rolling.

Saying thank you is massively important too. I always thank the management when I’ve finished a meditation or healing.



Before I do any consciousness raising work, I have a routine that puts me in the mood. I work in a quiet space, usually my bedroom, I work lying down. I light a candle and burn incense. I have a little area marked out where I can place things that are special to me; a beautiful feather, a flower from the garden, a piece of crystal, a pebble that I picked up on the beach.


I do all this, not because there are rules about how we prepare, but because these actions put me in the right headspace. They have become triggers. The lighting of the candle, the smell of the incense, all the bits and bobs about me, tell my unconscious mind that I’m about to do some spiritual work.


Then the process begins within me before I’ve even started to work: I feel myself start to shift, as my higher self knows what is coming and begins to get ready.

Make sure you have a notebook beside you when you work, write everything down that you see, hear, feel and think during any meditation.


There are a number of reasons for doing this. Firstly, some of the things that happen are subtle and gentle, and are revealed over a period of time: by writing them down you can see their progression and piece them together. It’s good to have a record of the order of things and how you were drip fed the information too.


Secondly, we learn in retrospect – at least I do – and writing things down helps the process. Sometimes, I’m flicking back through and old dream book and I re-read a dream from ages ago that I didn’t understand at the time. Re-reading it much later, I am able to fully understand its message. Retrospect is key in the deeper lessons of the soul.


Thirdly, in making the effort to write things down, you are indicating to your subconscious that this information is important to you. The action will cause a reaction, and you will get more and more information. You’ll notice when you start writing dreams down, you remember more dreams as a consequence, (see the section on Dreams). What you consciously feed, will grow, writing down what you receive will bring more of the same. Lastly, sometimes I’m given information in pictures and symbols and it’s helpful to draw them. 

Keeping Journals and Diaries