What does it mean to raise your consciousness and why would you want to do so? 

Humanity has been stuck in a loop of destruction and despair for several millennia. We are currently living in a society which is unsustainable, we're living outside the natural laws of our eco-system. We've created a world where making money takes precedence over human life. We're blinded by materialism and consumerism. We've been warring with our fellow man for thousands of years. We have separated ourselves from each other, built imaginary borders, and judged each other on our differences, instead of celebrating them. This has to stop before we destroy ourselves and our planet, we have to actively engage in creating a better world. 

The solution to all the pain we have manifested, the wars and the great suffering of humankind, is a shift in consciousness. It is the only way that we, as a species, can repair damage to our planet and our psyches. It is the next step in the evolution of humankind. We have the potential to reach higher states of consciousness. 


Imagine, if you will, that human beings are actually half animal, half angel. The animal is the physical self; the material, I need, I want. Whereas, the angel is our higher self, our heart, our sensitivity, our kindness, our ability to create beauty and manifest love. The battle between the animal and angel within, is something I think we have all encountered in our lives. This website will feed the angel, encouraging enlightenment, whilst healing and quieting the animal within. Like tuning a radio into a more suitable frequency, we can adjust the placement of our consciousness. 

It’s time to evolve.