‘What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,

and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.

Our life is the creation of our mind.’ 



Everything has a vibration. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Every living thing, animal vegetable and mineral, all vibrate energetically at their own frequency. I call this their ‘signature’, as to me vibration is as individual as our own handwriting. Even houses and rooms and spaces have their own vibration, which means that inanimate objects have a vibration too. Everything is energy, and on a molecular level, it’s all vibrating.

We all have our own personal vibration, which we emanate through our energy body, our aura. We unconsciously pick up on each other’s vibrations, that’s why sometimes we instantly dislike or like someone for no logical reason. We will enjoy having others around us who have the same vibration as us, or at least a vibration that is in harmony with our own. People who have a high vibration tend to lift those around them, they don’t have to do or say anything to do this, just being in their presence is enough. So whilst being in the presence of a high vibration will lift your own, similarly being with someone with a lower vibration will pull your vibration down. It goes without saying then that if we focus on the positives in our life, we will draw in more positive people and experiences. We should be mindful of who we have in our lives, what their energy does for us, as well as our own thoughts and words, these vibrations create our reality. If we are constantly focussing on the negative, we will draw in negative vibrations and perpetuate a negative force in our lives.

Your Personal Vibration

So, our personal vibration is really important: to raise our vibration is to raise our consciousness. Every thought and word is vibration. The environment we are in, has a vibration. When you start to see the world in terms of energy and vibration, you can start to feel which vibrations you are drawn to and which you pull away from. You will notice how your vibration is effected by what you do and who you do it with. 

Equally, what we eat has vibrational value; organic food will have a higher vibration than processed food, it will have greater life force and purity. If you eat meat, choosing farm produced or organic meat will benefit your vibration. Factory produced meat comes from animals which are pumped full of anti-biotics and growth hormones, that are raised in an environment of cruelty and fear, and these vibrations will be present in the meat. You'll be eating fear and cruelty. 


I’m not suggesting you get paranoid about the state of your vibration, I’m just explaining that to think elevated thoughts, to speak encouraging and inspiring words, to eat clean food and avoid toxins, will help you if you want to evolve consciously. It’s not necessary to get fanatical about, just something to be mindful of. If you want a smoke or a few drinks or even a massive piece of chocolate cake, go for it.


Just be aware of moderation and balance and the sensitivity of your system.