I have no doubts about reincarnation. But that’s easy for me to say, I’ve had so many experiences of my own to prove its existence. I’ve witnessed others encountering proof of their reincarnations. This is because during healings, I frequently come across a clearing which is something that they have brought through from a previous incarnation. Also we often incarnate in soul groups where we have unfinished business or work to continue to do together in this life. 

When we incarnate the essence of our soul enters the body, and we pass through the veils, forgetting what has been before. We start off with a blissful innocence. But as we go through life we begin to subconsciously remember and encounter issues and blocks we have brought with us. 

It can be necessary to know our heritage, our ‘spiritual lineage’, in order to gain a deeper understanding of who we are, but it's not essential. My attitude to past life regression is: do it on a 'need to know basis', don’t force it. Although many of us are interested in our previous incarnations, it is important to concentrate on who you are now, in this life. Remembering can be traumatic, so my advice is don’t enter into it lightly.

That said, learning about our past lives helps to reconnect with ourselves on a soul level, to get perspective on this life. It can help us to make peace with our mortality too. To know that death is an end, but not the end.



One of the things about raising your consciousness is that it brings you closer to who you really are. If you decide to work on yourself, heal yourself and spiritualise, you will begin to have a relationship with yourself that exists on a soul level. You will face your shadow-self, clear your blocks and evolve. This process more than any will help you to remember who you are.

Through inner work, you will begin to get an overview and gain a perspective of yourself, which goes beyond this life. You will come to see your eternal self which exists elsewhere, as well as in the here and now. You will see yourself as a soul, in a body, on a journey, on planet earth. 

Evolving spiritually encompasses connecting to yourself on a soul level.