As you raise your consciousness, you will begin to heal yourself. By meditating and connecting with your inner self, you will start to clear blocks in your energy field. From a healer’s point of view, every disease begins in the emotional body, in the energy of the person. Blocks stop the flow of energy around the body and eventually, the clogged energy manifests in the physical body as sickness. These blocks will have been cause pain in the physical body.

It follows then, that as you work on yourself and begin to raise your vibration you get sick, this is because as blocks move out through the body they have to manifest. It is part of clearing, so go with it and use it as a chance to know yourself better and face your blocks head on. Every sickness, every pain, is a door to self-realisation and growth.

It’s not unusual for a person to experience a consciousness shift through their own illness. Lots of people, myself included, have gone to a healer as a last resort, in desperation. Only to find the healing worked and because it’s quite an experience to be healed, they never quite see the world the same way again. The healing has caused them to glimpse beyond their physical world, to see themselves as eternal, as spirit and flesh. Perhaps during their healing, they have had a numinous experience and can’t un-know what they now know. They get in touch with a part of themselves which changes their outlook on life. They have made a leap in consciousness.

So in a sense sickness is a chance to evolve. It's the physical body saying, ‘Hey, you need to look at me and do some work here!’. That is why healing, in whichever form we choose, becomes an opportunity to grow. When people come to see me for healing, I talk to them about the, ‘healing journey’, because although they come to me for help, they will also take an active role in getting better. Unlike a visit to the doctor where one passes all the responsibility over to the medical profession, I will ask that parts of their life and parts of themselves be looked at and considered. Usually these are the parts the person has been hiding from, or have avoided looking at because it’s painful. I’m there to hold their hand and help them to clear and make peace with these parts of their psyche. This is done very gently and at an appropriate pace, but the healing journey is theirs and not mine. It is often a profound experience.

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