The Crowing is Growing

On Saturday 28th January, we moved into the Chinese Year of the Cockerel. But this is not just any cockrel...oh no, this is the year of the fire cockrel, so expect sparks to fly, cockerel years are full of surprises. I have a feeling this will be a colourful, unpredictable year when none of us can hazard a guess at what will happen next.

Last week I blogged on the critical mass, the power of the collective, in response to the growing anti-Trump global community. This past week has seen the rallies and demonstrations continue to grow as the Trump-grump reaches new heights. The momentum and unity amongst our diverse societies builds, as we all enter the energy of the cockerel, get fired up and crow the day. It's time to wake everyone up from their sleep, just like cockerels do, and get on with the tasks of the day.

The 27th January also chimed in with a New Moon in Aquarius. Perfect. Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and community, and a new moon signals new beginnings, so you can see how easily the general vibes of unity and power amongst the collective will reverberate throughout 2017.

As the proverbial Cock crows, I reach for the wisdom of the Runes and up pops Kenaz. Kenaz is a fire rune, its symbol is the torch: a flaming light, held aloft so that we can see which way to go. How very apt as we move through this climate of global uncertainty, we need the light thrown down by Kenaz to guide us.

Kenaz is also about knowledge. The word Kenaz comes from the root, 'ken', meaning knowing, understanding, perception and realisation: for as Kenaz shines light on our surroundings it reveals to us the truth of what is really there. We need to see the truth, it's ugliness staring us in the face so can we take it on and tackle it. Kenaz comes along to light up the situation and show us the way.

I've had a long and interesting relationship with Kenaz, it was one of the first runes that really started talking to me and, though not a traditional healing rune, I have used it numerous times to regenerate cells and tissue, (it's great for speedily knitting together broken bones and torn ligaments). I mention this because Kenaz can regenerate our own energy, keep us all motivated and fired up. Now is the time to give it our all and keep up the pressure, this takes our time and energy, so ask this fire rune to help you remain inspired and empowered, think of it's shape and say it's name when you need this particular vibration to run through you.

So as we leave January behind us and move into the first days of February, we can rub the sleep out of our eyes and wake up to the cockerel crowing the truth. Because that way we can begin to co-create the world we want. I leave you this week with a quote which captures the power that each of us has in our gestures and actions, it also shuts down those who say, 'What's the point, what can I do?'. There is plenty we can do.

'If you think you are too small to make a difference,

try sleeping with a mosquito.'

Dalai Lama.

So guys, crow the day! Make yourselves heard. Create a few sparks.

Arm yourself with Kenaz and know in your hearts, the truth that lights the way.

Have a good week.

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