Lunar Eclipse Tips

Last week I blogged on the fire cockerel, crowing the day, beginning a year of awakening change. The rune Kenaz, showed up to light the way, as we pick a path through what life is serving up for us all.

This week we enter eclipse season.

Eclipses are all about waking up to issues buried in the subconscious, so we're getting a repeated message, (just in case you hadn't already got it)'s wake up time!

February has two eclipses in its few short weeks, so we're really going to feel them throughout this whole month. The first is a lunar eclipse on 10th February.

The moon rules the emotional self, the deep waters of the unconscious, so it goes without saying that this can make for an abundance of emotional intensity. However, this doesn't have to be a negative, it can be positive and intense if you handle it right. This is an opportunity to clear out old stuck stuff which no longer serves you.

A lunar eclipse will bring up buried issues, drawing them up from the deep subconscious. For the last few months the energies have been shaking us all awake, bringing anything to the surface that we need to work on. We are all being heated and boiled, (that's the intensity), to bring the slag, the impurities, to the surface, (skim that slag right off). But fear not, because this eclipse is a Leo full moon, and that big, cuddly, cat brings fire, light and action with him. It's time to face head on whatever is being thrown up for you.

Lets deal with things then, in the most proactive and healing way that we can.

It's important to focus on what you want, rather than expending energy on what you don't want. Try not to get sucked into 'drama', pull yourself free, and respond from your heart space. Interactions with people will benefit hugely if they come from the higher self, without blame, without anger. Search instead for creative answers, actions and solutions which will draw the self away from the centres of anger and fear. With the full moon in Leo, it's important to lift up into positivity to avoid a destructive burn out.

Understandably, there's plenty of fear flying about on personal and global levels, but hang in there, be mindful about how you behave in the face of your personal curveballs and any chaos outside. If we react from the adrenals we go into fight or flight mode which isn't terribly helpful. If we fight, we co-create conflict and make no progress, (fight plus fight, equals destruction). If we go into flight mode, we don't engage and go into denial and blame, (we effectively do nothing and go back to sleep). We need then to raise our consciousness out of a 'fear' reaction, pull ourselves from the adrenal realms and respond from the heart. Moving our 'action' to the heart space, will cause the whole damn kaboodle to shift.

We meet conflict with love. Conflict when met this way, has no housing to attach itself to, it loses it's power and eventually dissipates. It's an echo with no ear to hear it. It runs out of steam, it comes to nothing.

Crisis and conflict are always opportunity to grow, an opportunity to resolve and heal, to open up, to engage, to look at the self. This is all part of our waking.

I encourage you to meet your curveballs with love, catch them and learn to juggle with them. Use your Leo eclipse moon-fire to create, transmute anger, and use it as your fuel to action.

And remember, take yourself away from the world when you need to. Turn off your phone, lie back on your bed and be still in the silence. Close your eyes, breathe. Put yourself back into your body. Be with yourself in the moment and remember who you are.

Have a good week.

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