Layers Of Love

Happy Valentines Day!

Whether you're single and ready to mingle or ensconced in a rewarding and passionate relationship, February 14th is the day we celebrate love. In my house we call it 'Unconditional Love Day', because love in all it's forms is honoured today.

Feel the love and pass it on...

St. Valentine was martyred in 269 AD, he was beaten, stoned and then beheaded, (poor man). His crime? - Carrying out Christian wedding ceremonies when they had been forbidden by the then Roman emperor, Claudius. Valentine not only lost his life for the unions of those who were in love, but also for what he believed in: he died for principles he was that passionate about it. What a guy!

Gebo has popped up for todays blog, which is no surprise to me at all. The name 'Gebo', (pronounced Gey-bow, the 'e' sound as in 'egg'), means 'Gift of God', and it really is a rune which energetically transmits the many layers of love. Even it's shape, (two crossed staves), looks like a big, fat kiss. It's colour is a turquoise blue, like the sea on a bright sunny day.

Gebo is one of the runes that I've used most frequently over the years, it's versatile and can do a multitude of things. It has a soft, revitalising, protective energy and has become a major player in runic healing sessions.

It's worth remembering that Gebo is an excellent cushion when your heart has been broken, it will wrap you in cotton wool in those early days when you're feeling raw. So if you're having a bummer of a Valentine's Day, this is your guy.

Gebo will also heal heart pain from the past, childhood trauma, unprocessed loss and stuck energy, gently bringing it to the surface to be processed and released.

Gebo can also be used for gentle protection of the self.

I have also learned that Gebo is a wonderful painkiller for the physical body. It's great for broken bones, bruises and pulled muscles.

I use it on my son who sometimes suffers with nerve pain which a normal painkiller can't touch. I draw and call the rune on to the affected area and within about 20 minutes the pain goes, this avoids us using painkillers for nerve pain which are heavy and wipe the user out.

Gebo is the feel good 'rune', the arnica of runic energy, the cosmic cuddle we all need sometimes. Call it and draw it in on your heart center if you are in need. Let it be your cushion, your buffer and the plaster on your wound.

Gebo then, encompasses love in it's many variants. It is comfort and protection. It is a soothing hand on your brow, a soft kiss after a hard day. Call it into your life if this is an energy you are in need of.

In the meantime, remember to love in all forms, manifest love's healing force whenever you're able. It will come back to you ten fold and make your life a richer and happier one.

Have a good week.

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