As One Door Closes, Another Opens

As February draws to a close, we enter into the final tumultuous lunar activity of the current eclipse season - a Solar New Moon Eclipse - this Sunday 26th.

As if February hadn't been eventful enough, this last lunar trigger pats us on the head and shoves us on into March with a final explosive, unexpected push. The eclipse itself, (the last in the cycle), is placed in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, bringing big endings with it. This can ask us to dig deep into our resources and draw up our courage as we face proverbial doors being slammed right in our faces.

But fear not consciousness seekers, because big endings also bring with them big beginnings, fresh starts - a clear desk and an empty in-tray. The best course of action is to push on through whilst surrendering to whatever has been thrown up for us in this short, punchy month. Succumb to the events which are forcing you on, and look for the point of potential in what you are experiencing, be open to the as yet unwritten future. That way you can move forward, through the next door, the next beginning, because as one door closes, another opens.

In the Shamanic tradition, an old hurt is a door, a deep emotional scar is a door, so for those of you who have been through the mill and had shit come up for you this month, look for that door and walk through it. It's time to move on. Eclipses bring change, move things on so you may as well go with the flow and embrace the eclipse season transformations.

Dagaz, is the Rune of beginnings and endings, (amongst other things). If you look at its shape and draw it with curves and not staves, it is the looped circle, the symbol of eternity. The continuum - the constant flow of life. Dagaz embraces this energetic vibration, the alpha and omega, the first and the last, the snake which eats its own tail. Life is in a constant state of flux, nothing stays the same for long. Everything dies and everything is reborn, this is the continual pattern of the universe. Dagaz staves follow this continual path.

Right now, we stand at the point of greatest potential, where the staves at the centre of Dagaz, cross. So whatever this eclipse brings up for you, whatever point you are at your cyclical learning, whatever your recent realisations have been, I encourage you to see them as opportunities to explore the potential of where you are as we move into March.

Sundays new moon is in Pisces - water (the unconscious) and the fish swimming both ways, (exploration), so it's likely that the explorations will be deep into the self and the endings will be deep rooted and old.

Dagaz gives us strength and protects us as we let go with grace that which has gone, makes us strong and ready for the new. If you want to call Dagaz into your life, draw him with your finger-tip over your solar plexus (tummy), and call his name as you draw. Breathe and repeat until you feel a tingle in your stomach (but don't worry if you don't feel anything), then ask Dagaz to help you move on from that which no longer serves you and draw in the new beginnings which you are ready for.

This rune will give you courage so, make that leap of faith.

Have a good weekend

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