Staying Centered and Ahead of the Game

'A mind at peace,

a mind centered and not focused on harming others,

is stronger than any physical force in the universe.'

Wayne Dyer.

Well, it's been a funky year so far hasn't it?

With bungling Brexit, the Trump Grump, and London experiencing its first fatality from a 'terror attack' since the 2013 murder of Lee Rigby, one wonders...what next? In a mere 83 seconds, one very unwell individual wrecked havoc, injuring many and taking a life. It's been heartwarming to see the resilience of our capital city but not so cool to witness the backlash of media hysteria and racist propaganda. We appear to be splitting into two camps: those who realise the man who carried out the attack is mentally ill and therefore react without hatred, and those who are sucked into the media bullshit, get filled with fear and react with a full on injection of venom. This duality, this split, is become ever more obvious; those who have shifted out of the fear and hate realms, and those who are still stuck there. The dual reality, the shifting, the unshifting, all adds to a chaotic and seemingly unstable global climate.

Many of you know we are shifting, vibrationally, as a planet. This means that our energy (the metaphysical energy of our bodies), has to shift too. As we shift and shift again over the next few years, there will be times when we feel on the cusp of our own sanity, one only has to watch the world news to see how nuts everything is, it's enough to drive us all crazy. On top of this, lots of us are finding that the shifts are bringing up stuff in our own personal lives, after all the outer world, (global chaos), will be reflected in the inner world, (personal chaos). If we can't shift with our environment - the environment will force us to - we will be cracked open like a nut and if we can't handle it...swept away with the tide like a useless piece of flotsam. When our consciousness shifts, we become sensitive to finer and finer energies, we sensitise, we become vulnerable, we feel everything more, we take it all deeper into our hearts, we can be super-sensitive.

It's really important then to support ourselves, protect ourselves from living in a global climate of fear, look after our mental health and keep ourselves centered and strong.

We need to nurture ourselves, create stability so that from our strong center we can face any drama and not get knocked down or swept away by life's curve-balls. We have to keep it together.

Practical Tips For Staying Centered.

Breathe - Breathing techniques are covered on my website, check them out. The great thing about mindful breathing is that you can do it anytime, anywhere and it centers the self, lowers blood pressure and the heart rate. It will chill you right out.

Ground Yourself - Get yourself a small piece of smoky quartz. Ask it to ground you. Keep it on you, in a pocket, (ladies, I carry mine in my bra), sleep with it under your pillow. You can also use visualisation if that works for you. See roots growing out of the soles of your feet, growing deep down into the earth. Staying grounded is a big part of staying centered.

Protect Yourself - Cease picking up and absorbing the energy of the chaotic world 'out there' by imagine a bubble of light which covers you from head to foot. Know that this visual boundary which surround you will deflect negative vibrations. Keep your bubble full of good vibes, (there's more information on protection methods available on the website).

Connect to Peace - At least once a day connect with nature. Walk amongst trees, put your hands on the earth, commune with a flower. If you live in a very urban environment focus on the sky, the stars the moon. Connecting with nature is connecting with a peaceful eternal core which will center the self.

Meditate - I know, Meditation again! But it seriously does lift you out of the control dramas of the modern world. It gives you the mental overview of any situation. The benefit to stress levels is palpable and you don't need to do a great amount to reap the benefits - 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference. There is a lot of guidance on meditation on my website so I won't repeat it all here, but I will forever champion meditation for all it's benefits.

Eat Clean - Cut out white sugar, as much as you can , (I know it's hard, but it's a poison and it's soooooo addictive) . Avoid neurotoxins like Aspartame, excessive chemicals jangle the energy body and get you all on edge. Drink plenty of water and eat as much unprocessed food as you can. Support your physical body by giving it the best fuel you can. You are what you eat, so if your diet is crap. you're going to feel like crap! we continue to hurtle through a year which is set to shift us out of illusion and into the stark, raw, chaos of the reality we have co-created and as we shift, beginning to break open the nut of who we really are, we need to stay strong and centered.

Ahead of the game.

Tipped off.

Good luck consciousness seekers, and remember to look after yourselves......


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