Laughter, the Force for Healing.

'As soap is to the body,

so laughter is to the soul.'

A Jewish Proverb

I recently had a dream that I was hand-feeding three dolphins by the water's edge. I woke up wondering what the dream meant? Dolphins, to me, are a symbol of play, fun and joy. One only has to watch them leaping about in the surf to witness their sense of fun. After some thought, I concluded that the dream was telling me to nourish and feed the dolphin inside of myself: the part of me that likes to mess about and have a good laugh. This was really great dream-guidance and I totally got the message, (see my website for more on using dreams as a tool).

So, I've been making a concerted effort to be as silly as possible, lifting myself and those around me, because my goodness me, the atmosphere globally and nationally is one of fear, uncertainty, polarity and anger.

Enough of that stuff!

We are in danger of being sucked into a vortex of negative doom and gloom. Now is the time to embrace the healing power of laughter and make a conscious effort to lift each other through the quagmire of chaos and crap, 'out there'.

Laughter is a consciousness raising activity, (believe it or not), it's one of the simplest spiritual practices we can easily engage with. This is because laughter connects us to our inner child, and in turn, with our soul. When we fall about in side-splitting, belly laughter, we are existing in the moment - there is no past, there is no future, there's just us, laughing like crazy. In this sense we are truly 'being', and we are truly 'being' ourselves, without ego or self-consciousness.

Laughter feeds the inner child, raises our vibration and lifts us.

It is literally food for the soul.

To be able to laugh at ourselves is really important, it stops us from getting too, 'up ourselves', from taking ourselves too seriously. There's nothing more offputting that a pious, stuffy individual who isn't willing to play the fool. Playing the fool lightens things up.

In fact there is the belief that playing the fool is one of the first spiritual wisdoms, that the world, perceived through the eyes of a fool, is one with true perspective.

Wisdom and the fool go hand in hand. How so, I hear you say?

Well, if we look at the Tarot card, 'The Fool', he represents our potential, he is the wild card; he is free, moving, creative, ready to take risks. His number is zero, symbolising that all possibilities start from a state of nothingness.

Laughter is really good for us physically too...

It maintains the lining of the blood vessels, (the endothelium), strengthening the circulatory system, helping the blood to flow. It reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and strokes.

Laughter brings blood pressure down, generates deeper breathing (which ups the oxygenated flow of blood around the body). It reduces the production of stress hormones in the brain, in fact it has the exact opposite effect as stress, (which let's face it, is a precursor to so many diseases).

To sum up, if you were thinking of killing yourself laughing, you'd have a hard time. Ha Ha!

'Laughter connects you with people. It's impossible to maintain any kind of distance or any sense of social hierarchy when you're howling with laughter. Laughter is a force for democracy.'

John Cleese.

Laughter is also a global language, (alongside music), it is the global language. It bonds us and binds us together. It doesn't matter how rich or how poor you are, what colour your skin is, what language you speak or where you're from, if something is funny, then it's funny.

Humour has long been used as a tool to get through difficult times; depression, recession and all the horrors of humanity are softened by laughter.

It is laughter that keep us sane.

Let's then, make a concerted effort to laugh our way through life.

Lift each other.

Keep each other buoyant.

And most of all, have fun......

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